Shops and services near the 3-star Les Peupliers campsite

At the 3-star Les Peupliers campsite, you are in contact with nature, and directly by the Ardèche river. But you are not in a remote location, and many shops and services are close to the campsite and accessible on foot! Do not hesitate to ask for advice at reception.

Where to shop ?

To make everyday purchases, you can go to the supermarket 300 m from Les Peupliers campsite. Nearby you can also buy newspapers or cigarettes.

If you prefer shopping at a mall, you can drive to Aubenas, less than 15 minutes 

Where can you buy fresh products?

In Vogüé, you will find several artisans within 10 minutes' walk from Les Peupliers campsite; they will be proud to present you with their local products. The butcher offers you meats from local farms and prepares his mixes himself (sausages, mince, etc.). The nearby greengrocer selects good fruit and vegetables, mostly locally. Also nearby, the bakery-pastry shop will allow gourmets to feast on its products made on site.

Is there a market nearby?

Every Monday morning during july-august, visit the Vogüé market to find a typical atmosphere of the south of the Ardèche. What a pleasure to be able to walk to the market from the 3-star Les Peupliers campsite, located less than 10 minutes away!

Where to find a doctor?

The main medical professions are well represented in Vogüé: medical practice, nurses, physiotherapy practice are all accessible on foot from the campsite in 5 minutes maximum. The pharmacy is 300 m from Les Peupliers campsite.