Together, let's protect the environment at the campsite!

Aware that we live in a remarkable but fragile natural space, we are committed to a voluntary approach to preserve our environment. In particular, with regard to water resources, we have installed timed taps in the toilets, and we supply toilet flushes with untreated water. We are reducing electrical consumption by gradually replacing our lamplights with LED models controlled by photoelectric cells when possible. Since our rentals are located on well shaded locations, we have chosen not to offer energy-hungry and noisy air conditioning. Regarding waste, the campsite is equipped with dedicated sorting containers and a composter, the product of which is used as natural fertilizer for our plantations. The lawn is mowed using the mulching technique, which provides natural nutrients for the growth of the lawn. For transport, we have made the choice to offer an electric vehicle for rental, and to favor alternative modes of transport such as the bicycle, which we also offer for rental.

You too can play a role in preserving this beautiful environment at the campsite, for example by respecting the selective sorting instructions, by bringing adequate food waste to composting, or by optimizing your own water consumption. Together we can reconcile pleasant holidays with a commitment to our planet.