Sports and leisure near the 3 * Les Peupliers campsite

We have selected here, with our partners, the main activities, free or charged, which you can practice around the campsite, without necessarily having to drive your vehicle. Do not hesitate to inquire at reception. You can also practice other activities near the campsite.

Where to find games for the whole family?

Our partner Ardèche Adventure is located 5 mins walk away from the campsite. It offers paintball in a shaded setting, with the largest park in Ardèche (from the age of 6), open all year. You can also rent a canoe to go down the Ardèche or even play all together with the Water Game. Enough to spend an afternoon of laughter and games with family or friends!

Can we rent a canoe on site?

Several canoe rental companies are located in the vicinity of the campsite. Our partner Les Argonautes allows you to paddle down the Ardèche River from Vogüé in a magnificent setting. You can reach the pier on foot or by bike, or even by car, leaving your vehicle in the parking lot. You can decide the time of your departure and your route, which can go as far as Ruoms by canoe-kayak. This upstream part of the Ardèche River, less known than the Gorges themselves, offers magnificent landscapes (cliffs, cirque of Gens, villages of Vogüé and Balazuc, ...), in a quieter atmosphere. The more athletic can ride a canoe down the Gorges de l'Ardèche.

Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, an old pair of sneakers or water shoes and at least a liter of water per person! A waterproof container and a life jacket are provided. The return ride is on a comfortable shuttle. Please note, the activity is reserved for people over 7 who can swim.

Are there bike tours from the campsite?

The Ardèche is a paradise for lovers of “la petite reine” (bike). One of the Ardéchoise circuits, the world's largest mountain road cycling tour, is 500 m from Les Peupliers campsite! No problem therefore to practice road cycling from the campsite and why not reach Mont Gerbier de Jonc, source of the Loire, or ride along the Ardèche or Volane valleys.

For those who practice mountain biking, there are also many possibilities from the campsite, with a marked circuit which goes through Vogüé and allows connection to other paths. There are 13 dedicated circuits on the Pont d'Arc-Ardèche territory (a 200 km mountain bike network) where Vogüé lies, and many more possibilities on shared trails!

Finally, for tourists who prefer a milder mode, Via Ardèche is a greenway created on the route of the old Aubenas-Alès railway line. In full development and registered in the county development plan promoting biking, it connects Uzer in the north, next to Largentière, to Saint-Paul-Le-Jeune in the south. Via Ardèche goes through Vogüé, less than one km from Les Peupliers campsite! Stretching over 46 km of asphalt or stabilized coating, it is reserved for bicycles and pedestrians, with almost no elevations. A more rugged connecting track even allows you to reach Vallon Pont d´Arc from Ruoms for 10 km and therefore avoid the road, which is very busy in summer. Via Ardèche offers sumptuous panoramas of the river or the mountains and is an opportunity to spend a great day with family or friends.

If you do not bring your own equipment, you will find, if available, bikes for hire at the 3-star Les Peupliers campsite. Remember to book them at reception!

Can we hike from the campsite?

The Pont d'Arc-Ardèche area, where Vogüé is located, has marked out 400 km of hiking trails, so you will have the choice! 32 hikes are offered on the territory and several circuits lay near the Les Peupliers campsite. They allow you to discover the architectural heritage and the magnificent surrounding landscapes from the campsite. Beyond the circuits, marked and well maintained paths will allow you to make your own personalized hike route. You can thus have family strolls or more sporty excursions. We will also be able to advise you, so if you are not sure, please contact the reception!

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