The Ardèche heritage near Les Peupliers campsite

The Ardèche heritage is rich, and you are ideally located in southern Ardèche at Les Peupliers campsite to enjoy it! Discovering old picturesque villages, or exploring our history or prehistory, those who want to discover the cultural heritage will be fulfilled. If you prefer landscapes, the Ardèche is a land of nature. Finally, to reconcile all approaches, the discovery of the gastronomic heritage is essential! These activities are all accessible by car within 45 minutes from the campsite.

Come see us at the reception desk of Les Peupliers campsite, we will advise you on the many visits in Ardèche. You can also find more detailed information at the Vogüé Tourist Office, which is located at the foot of the alleys leading to the castle. It covers the entire Pont d'Arc-Ardèche territory.

Where to discover villages of character close to the campsite?

Lovers of castles, churches and narrow alleys with stone houses will be delighted: around the 3-star Les Peupliers campsite, a wide choice of visits or strolls awaits you in classified picturesque villages of Ardèche.

In the county of the Gorges de l'Ardèche alone, in which Vogüé is located, there are 3 villages! After Vogüé and its castle, visit Balazuc (10 minutes from the campsite), its old town clinging to the cliff which is reflected in the Ardèche and Labeaume, a medieval village at the confluence of 3 rivers and its centuries-old plane trees, nestled at the foot of its rock. Balazuc and Vogüé are also the only Ardèche villages classified among the most beautiful villages in France, and they are very close to Les Peupliers campsite!

Many other picturesque villages like Alba-la-Romaine, Chassiers or Vinezac are less than 30 minutes from the campsite: you will have a lot of fun walking through their alleys and establishing your own ranking!

And for a change, don't forget Aubenas and its magnificent restored castle 12 km from the campsite…

What is the historical heritage near the campsite?

Travel back in time: discover Alba-la-Romaine (20 minutes from the campsite) which was, during antiquity, the capital town of what is today Bas-Vivarais and offers one of the best-preserved archaeological sites of the Gallo-Roman era as well as a remarkable museum, and you could stroll in the labyrinth of its alleys still showing traces of its medieval period.

The ornate cave of Pont d'Arc or Grotte Chauvet invites you to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors with its engravings and drawings made 36,000 years ago, making it the oldest work of art worldwide. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, it was the subject of a very faithful reconstruction, open to the public in 2015 on a wooded area of 29 hectares also comprising a discovery center, an exhibition space and an educational center.

All this less than 30 minutes from Les Peupliers campsite!

Are there remarkable natural sites near the campsite?

The great variety of landscapes shaped by rivers, geological formations, fauna and flora make this region a unique place. Nature presents itself to you in multiple ways: plains and plateaus, gorges and valleys, exuberant and scrubby forests, waterfalls and limestone basins, hills and mountains, rivers and streams…

Among the most famous sites, the gorges of the Ardèche which you can discover on foot within the natural park or from the more dizzying roads to belvederes and perched balconies, the Pont d'Arc, impressive natural arch of 34 m top which spans the Ardèche or the Aven d'Orgnac, classified Grand Site of France, admirable network of caves with stalagmites, stalactites and draperies remarkably highlighted. The central location of Les Peupliers campsite will allow you to visit all these jewels.

But don't stop there: let yourself be amazed by the site of the Pont du Diable, on a basalt flow above the Ardèche above Aubenas, or by the Ray-Pic waterfall very close to Vals- the baths. Visit the Ardèche Cévennes in the Vans region with the Chassezac gorges and the magic wood of Païolive and its amazing rocks or the Monts d'Ardèche Regional Natural Park 5 km from the campsite!

What to taste in southern Ardèche?

Gourmets and sweeteeth can relish Ardèche dishes and wines, admire the colors and breathe the scents of the many markets (including that in Vogüé, accessible on foot from the campsite).

Obviously, there is a good place in local gastronomy : the Ruoms truffle market (15 minutes from the campsite) which is a place of transactions relating to the famous mushroom. More simply, you will appreciate cold meats such as abomasum or good dry sausages and cheeses (including the famous goat milk Picodon) from many farms in the region. Quality meat such as fine fatty beef from Mézenc (between Ardèche and Haute Loire) is also on the good menus. For more complete dishes, consider the bombine, a typical Ardèche dish made from potatoes, beef and pork, offered each year at Saint Andéol de Berg during the village festival. Taste the maoche or maouche, preparation from the Ardèche plateau based on sausage meat and cabbage stuffed in a pork belly, or the ravioles of the nearby Drôme. Do not forget to discover the chestnut, emblematic of the region, in all its forms, and in particular the famous chestnut cream from Aubenas (2 factories 15 minutes from the campsite). You will enjoy good fruit from the orchards of Drôme, the leading organic region in France.​​​​​​​

Everything will be washed down with good local wines, with the protected wine appellations of the hillsides of the Ardèche or those, more qualitative, of the Côtes-du-Vivarais, produced a few kilometers from the campsite; you can even discover an old grape variety from the Ardèche, now honored, the chatus.

Finally, to refresh your palate, the sparkling waters of Vals and the Queen of Basalts of Asperjoc are essential.

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